Do you have shaking and rattling pipes in your Richmond Hill home?

It’s no laughing matter! Get them checked by a certified Richmond Hill plumber as soon as you can, or you could be in for serious damage and expenses down the road.

Here are the three most likely reasons for shaking and rattling pipes in your home:

  1. High water pressure: Indoor water pressure in most Ontario homes should be between 30 and 55 psi—more than this can cause noisy pipes, and if not reduced, may damage dishwashers, washing machines and icemakers. And you may be left out in the cold if one of your appliances is damaged, because high water pressure might void your warrantee! High water pressure can also cause long-term damage to your pipes. Your Richmond Hill plumbing professional can test your system and install a regulator to control the water pressure if that is the issue.
  2. Loose pipes: As water surges through pipes, it causes vibration. If pipes are not held fast in walls and floors, this vibration can cause them to rub against studs and joists and cause a racket. This rubbing can eventually lead to pipe joint and connection failure if not addressed by a plumber. With any luck, the loose pipes will be readily accessible and can be easily corrected. Too often, though, loose pipes will be located behind walls and under floors and difficult to get to—it can be a big job! Your Richmond Hill plumbing professional is best equipped to diagnose the problem quickly and accurately and remedy the situation.
  3. The infamous “Water Hammer”: Does it sound like a poltergeist is taking swings at your water pipes with a sledgehammer when you close faucets or flush toilets? This could be symptomatic of “water hammer,” which occurs when water slams into valves that are quickly shut off. A plumber can determine if this is the issue and correct it. It could be a question of installing arrestors near problem valves, replacing valves with slow-shutting ones or replenishing cushioning air chambers throughout your house. Unaddressed water hammering can quickly lead to loose and broken pipes.

Do you have noisy pipes in your Richmond Hill home?

Contact us at Aaron & Son Plumbing & Drain Services before costly damage occurs! At Aaron & Son our certified plumbers will give you a clear and precise take on what’s causing the racket in your walls.