Scheduling your Septic Tank Maintenance

As you well know, one of the characteristics of living away from urban centres is the need for a septic system. Your country place probably has one, but because it’s hidden away underground, you probably don’t give it a second thought.

But septic tank servicing and maintenance are a must!

Don’t be lulled into thinking your septic tank will run forever without some care. A septic system that gives up the ghost can leave you with an epic mess the likes of which you’ve never seen!

If you haven’t had your septic system serviced in a while, call your local Thornhill plumber to inspect it—you won’t regret it! An experienced plumber will fill you in on exactly what your septic system needs to keep running trouble-free for many years to come.

Factors to consider when Scheduling a Septic Tank Maintenance

Let’s look at three important things to consider when establishing a septic tank servicing and maintenance schedule with a plumber in Thornhill:

  1. Age: Septic tanks can last the life of a house, but septic fields are engineered to last 15 to 20 years. How long a septic field holds up depends on several factors, including how often the septic tank is emptied (overflow solids from a too-full septic tank can plug up the septic field in no time), traffic over the septic field, number of occupants in the house, how much water you use and what you put down the drains (grease, chemicals, trash, etc.). Have an experienced plumber inspect your septic tank and field to determine how healthy they are.
  2. Telltale signs: Sometimes your septic system will let you know in no uncertain terms that there’s a problem! Call a plumber in Thornhill pronto if your toilets and drains are slow or back up often; if there’s an odour of sewage in the house or around the septic system or if your well water is contaminated; or if you have surface sewage flooding or sogginess around the septic system.
  3. Recommendations: Most plumbers in Thornhill recommend having your septic system inspected if you have moved into a rural residence recently and maintenance records are sparse, or if the system has not been inspected in a while. As a rule, septic tanks are designed to be large enough to need pumping only every three to five years. The Ontario government recommends having your system inspected every two years.

Have questions regarding Septic System Maintenance?

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