A sign reminding people to winterize their plumbing

Preparing Your Plumbing for Winter

Tips from Thornhill Plumbers on How to Avoid Winter Leaks

When your home’s plumbing is not prepared for winter properly, it could cost you a lot and involve unnecessary stress. Not only is a plumbing leak a hassle to clean and manage, but it is also an expensive repair that no one wants to experience, let alone in the winter.

Seasonal shifts, including temperatures and usage changes, are common reasons household plumbing fails. Therefore, you must prepare your home’s plumbing for colder temperatures – your home budget will thank you for it!

Must Do’s for Winter Plumbing Preparation

Winter in the area brings along frigid temperatures, which causes problems for your unprotected pipes outdoors. To prevent a costly burst in the dead of winter, here is what you can do:

  • Winterize faucets outside first. The most vulnerable area of your home is your water spigot outside. Disconnect and drain all hoses first, then store away for winter. Next, turn off the outdoor water using the shutoff. Failing to turn off the water to these exterior faucets, including garden sinks, could allow the water inside them to freeze and burst under pressure.
  • Insulate your pipes. Do you have exposed pipes outdoors or even under your house that do not have access to heat? If so, these pipes are especially at risk for bursting due to freezing. Adding some insulation and wrapping these pipes can protect them from the freezing temperatures outside.
  • Fix your plumbing problems now. If you are already aware of some leaks, and have been putting off repairs, now is the time to have them checked. This includes leaks coming from faucets, puddles forming in the basement, and more.
  • Drain and clean the water heater. Now is the perfect time to drain your water heater and remove the sediment. Sediment buildup can dramatically reduce the lifespan of your water heater, cause rust, and eventually lead to a burst.
  • Consider a drain cleaning. Over time, your drains build up with soap, fat, oil, dirt, and debris. Having them professionally inspected and cleaned removes these items that could lead to a blockage and pipe burst.
  • Do not neglect the interior pipes. If you plan to leave your home for a few weeks, such as going on holiday for Christmas, you might be tempted to turn down the heater inside so you can save some money. While you might save on heating costs, you do not want to put your home’s interior pipes at risk for freezing, leaving you with one messy surprise upon your return. To avoid bursting pipes, never set your interior temperature below 8 degrees Celsius.

Call in a Plumber in Thornhill for a Pre-Winter Inspection

A professional Thornhill plumber can help you prepare your home’s plumbing for winter, do an inspection for potential issues, and handle the pre-winter maintenance to-do’s that you might not have time for as the cold weather sets in. From servicing your drains to replacing your water heater and fixing plumbing leaks, the team at Aaron & Son Plumbing and Drain Services will help keep your home from experiencing winter plumbing emergencies.

Prepare your home’s plumbing for winter and avoid the plumbing woes of freezing temperatures by calling in an experienced Thornhill plumber for repairs. Contact Aaron & Son Plumbing and Drain Services at one of our three convenient locations. Call us in the York Region at 905-731-3111, in Aurora-Newmarket at 905-717-2277, and in Toronto at 416-409-5511.