Is It Time for a Plumbing Replacement in Your Home?

Common Signs Richmond Hill Plumbers Look for

The pipes in your home are not designed to last forever. While it is true you can get a few decades out of them without issue, eventually there will be a time when you need a full plumbing replacement.

Why? Only because your home’s pipes start to rust, decay, erode and eventually leak. Some will deposit sediment into your clean water, which could lead to a whole list of health complications. Worse, if you let aging pipes remain in operation, they will eventually give way and that could cause devastating water damage in your home.

5 Indications It Is Time for a Plumbing Replacement

1. Your Pipes are Old - Your home’s water supply pipes, which are those constantly under pressure, are typically made of brass, copper or galvanized steel. These varieties have a lifespan of anywhere from 70 to 100 years. Drain lines, on the other hand, last 25 to 40 years if they are PVC, and 80 to 100 years if they are made from cast iron.
2. Pipe Material - If the pipes in your home are made from lead or polybutylene, two materials used in the early 1900s, these can leak into your drinking water and cause serious health problems. Even though they last up to 100 years, it is best to replace them.
3. Signs of Trouble - If you are calling your local plumber in Richmond Hill almost monthly (or more) due to plumbing issues, it is evident that your home’s current lines are no longer sufficient to handle the load.
4. Water Discolouration - When the water coming from your faucets turns to a brown or yellowish colour, that means your water is now mixing with rust. Rust could originate from an old water heater, so have a Richmond Hill plumbing company inspect that first. If it is from the pipes, you should replace them as soon as possible.
5. Signs of Corrosion - Look at the exposed pipes in and outside your home. If you notice that they have signs of corrosion, such as flaking, pimples, dimples, stains or discolouration, it is an indication that they are worn and need replacement.

Regardless of the signs, you should have your home’s plumbing inspected every other year by Richmond Hill plumbers or as part of your annual maintenance. Doing so can catch the early warning signs of plumbing that is about to fail, which will save you the cost and headache of cleaning up a burst pipe.

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