A newly replaced Bathtub in Thornhill

Is It Time for a Bathtub Replacement in Your Home?

A Quick Guide from Your Local Plumber in Thornhill

A bathtub is sturdy and one of the longer lasting fixtures in your home, but eventually you might need to replace it.

If you are remodeling your bathroom, you may wonder if a bathtub replacement is the right choice. Bathtubs are costly; therefore, be sure that it needs a replacement before you jump the gun on your remodeling plans.

A Quick Checklist to See if You Need a Bathtub Replacement

Not sure if you need a new tub? Here are three tell-tale signs it is time to replace the one you have:

  1. Your tub leaks frequently. The biggest and most visible sign is a leaking tub. If you notice a small amount of water near the tub every time you use it, that means you may have a crack or leak in the basin or possibly the plumbing underneath. Leaks will get worse over time, so the moment you see one, you must plan to replace your tub.
  2. The bathtub has heavy stains despite cleaning. No matter how much you clean, scour, scrub, and bleach, your tub eventually shows stains. The ring around your tub that will not disappear, even with a good pumice stone, means that you have hard water deposits that have taken up residence, and they will not leave anytime soon. If you do not plan to install a water softener, consider a black or porcelain-enameled tub so that the water spots do not cause issues on your new tub.
  3. Your current bathtub does not match your remodeling vision or your bathroom needs. Bathtubs made from a few decades ago were smaller and not designed for soaking. Instead, they were a place you hop in, clean, and get out. If your tub is too small, too difficult to get in and out, or you are ready to take your bathroom to the relaxing spa level, you might want to replace the existing tub. After all, newer tubs come in a variety of sizes and with great features, such as jets that massage your body while you soak.

While you could refinish a tub to give it a fresh look, keep in mind that refinishing does not last forever. Furthermore, if the refinishing is not done right, you will have peeling paint and extra costs to redo the process. Therefore, when your tub is already well on its way out, it may be best just to replace.

Ready to Replace? Bring in a Trusted Thornhill Plumber for the Job

Tub replacements are not a do-it-yourself project. Instead, you should call an experienced plumber in Thornhill to perform the job for you. Your plumber must assess the current pipes and ensure that they are adequate for your new tub, and also correct any leaks or outdated plumbing while the fixture is out.

When you are ready for a bathtub replacement or full bathroom remodel, contact your Thornhill plumber at Aaron & Son Plumbing and Drain Services to get started. Our team is more than happy to serve your area. You can also reach us in York Region at 905-731-3111, in Aurora-Newmarket at 905-717-2277, and in Toronto at 416-409-5511.