A sump pump being cleaned as part of Fall plumbing in Thornhill

4 Important Fall Plumbing Tips for Homeowners

Helpful Advice from Your Plumber in Thornhill

Your fall homeowner’s checklist is full of tasks related to preparing the yard for winter, checking the HVAC system, and winterizing. However, have you thought about what you need to do to your home’s plumbing?

Fall is a critical time for your home’s plumbing. With the cooler temperatures, everyone in your family is home and indoors more, which means your plumbing is used more often. Furthermore, the frigid temperatures of winter are almost here, and that requires you to do a quick check-up and ensure your plumbing is ready for the chill.

A Fall Plumbing Primer for Homeowners

Take advantage of the few weeks of fall weather you have to prime your home’s plumbing for winter. Here are some essential steps to take:

  1. Draining and cleaning exterior fixtures. Exterior fixtures include garden hoses and water spigots. Now is the time to put your hoses away and store them in the garden shed until spring. Before you store them, drain the water and dry thoroughly so that you do not grow mould. Turn on the water outside and drain any remaining water in your pipes. Then, leave the spigot open for winter.
  2. Clean out the gutters. Now is the perfect time to remove all the debris, dirt, and gunk in your gutters and downspouts. You need these clear for melting snow and rain in the winter. Check to ensure you have no leaks in your system either, and that the water is draining properly away from your home’s foundation.
  3. Have your septic tank serviced. Do you have a septic tank system? Now is the time to call in professional Thornhill plumbers for maintenance. Whether it needs a cleaning or requires to be emptied, take advantage of warmer fall temperatures and avoid having to service your septic tank or deal with a backup in the winter.
  4. Do not forget about the sump pump. Lastly, clean and check your sump pump. Test it to make sure parts of the system are ready for winter, and check the water clearance rate. You can do so by pouring some water into the pit and making sure the pump turns on immediately.

Your Plumbers in Thornhill Can Help Prepare Your Home for Winter Too

Fall also means back-to-school time, which means recreational activities, homework, and careers are keeping us busy all day. When you do not have time to prepare your home for winter, leave the fall to-do list to the team at Aaron & Son Plumbing and Drain Services.

We offer everything from plumbing repairs to high-pressure drain cleaning and septic tank maintenance.

To make sure your home is ready for winter, contact a Thornhill plumber at Aaron & Son Plumbing and Drain Services. We are here to help and have three convenient locations to serve you. You can reach us in York Region at 905-731-3111, in Aurora-Newmarket at 905-717-2277, and in Toronto at 416-409-5511.