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Cross Connection Issues: How Your Woodbridge Plumber Can Help

Cross connections are a frequent plumbing problem throughout the country. However, they are not always easy to locate until they cause a problem.

A cross connection is essentially an actual or potential connection between the city’s water supply and a source of contamination. It is a health and safety hazard because clean water (including drinking water supply) could effectively be contaminated with sewage.

The Danger of a Cross Connection
A cross connection relies on pressure from two different sources. When the pressure differential allows one source to enter another or back up into another source, contaminated fluids result. When this happens, you need to contact an emergency plumbing service to identify and correct the origin of the cross connection.

5 Facts About Cross Connections: When to Contact Your Woodbridge Plumber
The city provides safe, reliable drinking water. However, as a homeowner, you have an obligation to ensure your home is not the source of drinking water contamination. All it takes is a single source to backflow into the public water supply that will end up contaminating dozens of homes in the area.

Here are 5 essential facts to know about cross connections, and how an emergency plumber can help:

  1. You are Responsible as the Homeowner – Through the Cross-Connection Control Program and Backflow Prevention Program in the city of Toronto, all owners are responsible for ensuring their home is safe and free of cross connections. If your home is the source of contamination, you could be liable for the damage.
  2. You May Have an Outdoor Cross Connection – Common culprits outdoors for a cross connection include any outdoor hose bibbs and in-ground irrigation systems, such as your home’s automatic sprinkler system.
  3. You Might Have a Cross Connection Indoors – Your home’s toilet, laundry room sink, and handheld shower line could cross with drinking water supply lines.
  4. Incorrectly Installed Items are Often the Cause – Most of the time, the reason for a cross connection is an incorrectly installed plumbing system by enthusiastic DIY homeowners. For example, an improperly installed boiler could lead to a cross connection. Other times, the drain for your home’s hot tub may be connected to the water supply line, or you might have installed your indoor water softener without backflow prevention in place.
  5. A Woodbridge Plumber Can Inspect Your Home – To ensure you do not have a cross connection, have a plumber come to your home and inspect for any backflow risks. If purchasing a new home, hire a plumber to make sure there are no existing cross connections.

Suspect a Cross Connection? Call Emergency Plumbing Services Now!
If you suspect your home is a cross connection risk, or you are encountering a cross connection contamination, contact the emergency plumbers at Aaron & Son Plumbing and Drain Services. We have certified plumbers who can come to your home, inspect for backflow threats, and correct them before they become a serious issue. If you have an existing cross-connection that is causing contamination, we can also correct it and ensure the rest of your home meets all backflow prevention regulations.

Call Aaron & Son Plumbing and Drain Services at a location near you. You can also get in touch with us at 905-731-3111 in York Region, 905-717-2277 in Aurora-Newmarket, and 416-409-5511 in Toronto.