A newly renovated bathroom in Richmond Hill

Critical Considerations When Renovating a Bathroom: Expert Tips and Advice from Your Plumber in Richmond Hill

Starting a bathroom renovation is a big decision. Not only are you investing in your home’s aesthetics and giving your property value a boost, but you are also taking on a major job that requires significant pre-planning. Luckily, you have access to experienced professionals ready to help you with all your renovation concerns, including Richmond Hill plumbers.

By knowing the top items to consider before you start, you will be on your way to a stress-free bathroom renovation.

A Homeowner’s Checklist to Renovating a Bathroom

  1. Research the Latest Trends: Before you get in touch with a contractor or start picking colours and fixtures, research the latest trends. You want something that is in style, but also timeless. After all, you do not want to renovate five years from now because your remodeled bathroom is so quickly out of date.
  2. Get Recommendations: You can work with a general contractor or hire subcontractors yourself to complete every aspect of the renovation. However, before you hire a single professional, ask around for recommendations and perform due diligence. That means investigating the potential contractor’s history, BBB reputation, and asking for references.
  3. Make a Budget and Stick with It: Next, consider your renovation budget. A bathroom renovation can range from $2,000 to over $25,000 depending on what you are adding or changing. The more extensive the remodel, the more you will spend. Also keep in mind that luxury finishes, fittings and accessories will put you at the high end of the budget.
  4. Inspect Contractor Work at Every Stage: Do not wait for the renovation to be complete before you inspect. Instead, do routine inspections of the room and see what you might want changed or adjusted.
  5. Remain Flexible: Renovations are difficult to predict. Even the most skilled contractor may go over the timeframe estimate by a few days. For instance, opening up a wall to find mould is not a problem that can be ignored or fixed in a hurry.
  6. Hire a Qualified Contractor in Richmond Hill for Plumbing: While you could go with the subcontractors your general contractor utilizes, it might be in your best interest to opt for your privately picked plumber. A qualified plumber in Richmond Hill can inspect the existing plumbing, replace any plumbing parts, and ensure your new renovation is up to the latest codes.

Ready to Hire Richmond Hill Plumbers for Your Renovation?

Bathroom renovations are costly and complicated. While you might complete a few aspects yourself, always hire a professional plumber to do the sewage, water, and drainage lines. After all, you want a project that increases the value of your home, and also meets all building code requirements so that your hard work does not have to be reversed or repeated down the road.

When you are starting a bathroom renovation, contact your local Richmond Hill plumbing contractor at Aaron & Son Plumbing and Drain Services at a location near you. You can also call us at 905-731-3111 in York Region, 905-717-2277 in Aurora-Newmarket, and 416-409-5511 in Toronto.