A diagram of high pressure drain cleaning in Thornhill.

Why Get High-Pressure Drain Cleaning Done by a Thornhill Plumber?

Over the years, your home’s plumbing takes quite a beating. Not only are these systems subjected to everyday wear and tear, but the items you flush down the drain can also significantly reduce their lifespan. Luckily, with hydro-jet cleaning, you can improve the longevity and functionality of your home’s plumbing.

5 Reasons to Call a Plumber in Thornhill for Hydro-Jet Cleaning Today

High-pressure cleaning is efficient, safe, and can be done annually to keep your drains and water lines running smoothly.

If you are hesitant about high-pressure drain cleaning, here are five benefits of doing so in your home:

  1. Cleaning and Unclogging in One: Hydro-jets are not just unclogging your lines - they are thoroughly cleaning them too. Over the years, you have accumulations of grease, silt, fat, detergents, soap, hair, and more. The power of the pressure jets removes that sludge and helps your drains flow quickly and efficiently.
  2. Consistent Cleaning: Drain cleaners are harsh, erode your pipes and do not remove the gunk built up on the sides of the pipes over the years. High-pressure cleaning is consistent and can even tackle underground lines with ease.
  3. Powerful, Efficient Cleaning: A high-pressure cleaning by your plumber in Thornhill is more effective than snaking your drain. It can remove debris, flush away tree roots, move minerals and rocks, and yet, not harm the line.
  4. Bacteria Removal: If you consider what you flush down your drain, there is no surprise that bacteria are lurking in the lines. A high-pressure stream of water will not only remove debris but also clean out any bacteria in your kitchen and bathroom lines. If you notice smells from the drain, the hydro-jet will flush those bacteria and eliminate foul odours.
  5. Environmentally Friendly: Drain cleaners that are chemical-based flush into the environment and have corrosive chemicals, like lye. Hydro-jetting uses only water to cleanse your lines, so it will not harm the environment.

Hire a Local Professional to Hydro-Jet — Never DIY!

You might be tempted to purchase a high-pressure water system and clean out your drain lines, but this is a job for professionals. Specialized units are used by your Thornhill plumber to flush your lines, and a video inspection might be required first to identify blockages. If you do not know how to clean with a high-pressured system properly, you could damage your lines, flood your home, and cost yourself hundreds or thousands in repairs.

Keep your drains clean, clear, and sanitary by contacting your local plumber in Thornhill at Aaron & Son Plumbing & Drain Services. Find a location near you and ask us about our high-pressure drain cleaning services today. If you have questions about drain cleaning and other issues, feel free to contact us online.